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Who We Are

Powered by Shirlaws gives you freedom in a
framework; a licence to be creative

Shirlaws, the home of business transformation

It’s been our belief since the inception of Shirlaws in 1999, that most people go into business and/or a leadership position for three reasons:

  • To make more money
  • To have more time for themselves
  • To feel less stressed

Ultimately, to have greater control of their professional life. The irony is that most never achieve this.
The sole purpose of the Shirlaws IP and methodology is to help business professionals reconnect with these aspirations, enable business transformation and provide a nurturing community to support them through the process.

Shirlaws central team

Brian Coultrip

Brian Coultrip


Brian has over 20 years’ experience in senior positions with specialisms in recruitment, sales and coaching. An approachable style, passion for results and inclusive cultural view have enabled him to build a cohesive, dedicated team fully aligned with the Shirlaws ethos and values.

Lucia Kichenside

Lucia Kichenside

Head of Client Services

A pivotal member of the Shirlaws family since 2015, Lucia has cultivated an enviable expertise in Shirlaws IP, training and culture! With swan like style, Lucia is a powerhouse, liaising with clients on strategic and day to day matters whilst acting as oracle to newer members of community.

Sarah Wilton

Sarah Wilton

Head of Marketing

Sarah is a creative and resourceful marketer with 20+ years’ experience in both agency and client side roles. Responsible for ensuring Shirlaws’ brand consistency and marketing strategy, Sarah’s open and curious attitude is well matched with the Shirlaws ideology and culture.

The Shirlaws impact on clients

Shirlaws is focused on helping organisations adapt and thrive in the face of change. Agility is key.

“I worked with Shirlaws in my own business and completely transformed the way we think, run and structure our business using the Shirlaws IP.

Moving into the real CEO space gave me a lot of time to think and after many discussions with our charity clients showed the potential for helping them to make a real difference.”

Simon Hickman FCII
CEO Access Insurance