Who we are.

Powered by Shirlaws offers you freedom in a framework – choice is what everyone seeks”

– Jack Cohen, US

The history of Shirlaws

It has been the ethos at Shirlaws, since our inception, that most people go into business and/or a leadership position for three reasons;

  • To make more money
  • To have more time for themselves
  • To feel less stressed

Ultimately, to have greater control of their professional life.

Ironically, many never achieve these things and the grass-roots of Shirlaws is about helping leaders, owners and managers reconnect with these aspirations.

The impact we have

The impact we have in the marketplace is focused on helping organisations adapt and thrive in the face of change. Agility is key.

“Shirlaws helped me find a route and re-energise me”

– Wendy McDougall, Firefish

“After working with Shirlaws we doubled in turnover year after year after year”

– Sara Daw, FD Centre

“Shirlaws is transformational”

– Wes Howell, Ministry of Home Affairs

Our commitment to quality

Shirlaws is a founding member of the Provider of Training Excellence (PTE) accreditation, which forms part of The Professional Development Consortium. The PTE accreditation recognises professional training and learning providers that offer high quality training provision.

This accreditation highlights and acknowledges the quality and calibre of the training and learning programmes that Shirlaws delivers. Importantly it confirms that our content is of a high quality whilst demonstrating that our delegates receive an outstanding learning experience.

Across the Shirlaws network, we are committed to quality and the continual pursuit of excellence.


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