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Powered By Shirlaws is a certification process for individuals to become qualified in the use and application of the Shirlaws methodology. We have outlined the process to start you on your journey.

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As a successful, independent business coach or consultant you know how rewarding a career it can be – changing people’s lives, improving business performance and maintaining an excellent standard of living, with balance.

The challenges we face, though emanate from some perceptions of the business coaching/consulting industry

On occasion, we hear of, or read, articles about the lack of regulation in our industry; the ‘caveat emptor’ that clients feel and that anyone can ‘hang out a shingle’.

This can leave independent coaches/consultants at a disadvantage when marketing their services, without the backing of a trusted brand or network through which to promote themselves.

Consider these points:

  • Have you been coaching for over three years?
  • Do you feel like your coaching practice has plateaued?
  • Are you looking for something different to offer to your clients in line with the challenges they face today?

Want to find out more about the Powered By Shirlaws licence?

A Powered By Shirlaws Licence offers an opportunity to become a member of a global network of successful coaches, just like you. As a member, you will have access to world-class training of proprietary Intellectual Property that will transform your coaching practice and the lives of your clients.

The Licence delivers on this in three ways:


  • We are an established brand in the marketplace – since 1999 we have transformed over 7,000 companies across 34 territories.
  • We have a wealth of proprietary Intellectual Property – our proven techniques, tools and methodologies are unique to us.
  • We are a founding member of the Provider of Training Excellence (PTE) accreditation, which forms part of The Professional Development Consortium – which recognises professional training and learning providers that offer high-quality training provision.
Previously, these benefits were only available to coaches/consultants who joined Shirlaws. Now we’re delighted to be able to offer a licence for successful independent business coaches and consultants, like you, that allows you to undertake training in the Shirlaws methodology, be a part of our network of business professionals and participate in our shared-knowledge conferences.
community of business professionals

“The things I value most from Shirlaws are the IP and the relationships, the network.”

Alan Oishi, Licensee, Canada

The benefits of becoming a Powered By Shirlaws Network Member:

  • Get ahead of the competition and gain market share by using the Shirlaws coaching methodology to improve your client proposition and continue your own professional development.
  • Build your reputation and be known as a premier coaching provider by using the ‘Powered By Shirlaws’ logos, certificates, and web listing.
  • Expand into new markets by attracting professionals and organisations that need to purchase training and learning from a source that provides high quality and trusted training.
  • Join a network of successful coaches, consultants and training specialists committed to being the best in their field.
  • Get invited to our member networking events to listen to relevant market updates and gain insight.
  • Extend your client base by being active within our community of global coaching and consulting professionals.

Get in touch if you’re ready to learn, grow and develop as a professional and take your place in our global network.

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