Who is Powered by Shirlaws for?

Shirlaws is a global network of like-minded business professionals
who believe there is a better, simpler and more effective way to do business.

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Who we are looking for

Our community is made up of everyone from individual members, through to small businesses and up to large corporates. What connects us is the application of a common set of intellectual property, which seamlessly supports us to create a greater impact in our professional and personal lives.

We launched Powered By Shirlaws in 2017, specifically for individuals who are looking to improve the quality and impact of the service they provide to their clients. 

What you get from Powered by Shirlaws

Characteristics of those who succeed

There are common traits shared by all of those at Shirlaws who have achieved massive success both commercially and culturally.

What makes these individuals special is that they possess these traits and practice them to their fullest extent, every day. The context for these people is one of depth and it is that approach that we look for in new members.

Open to feedback, at all levels of your capability.

Honest with yourself and others, always.

Fair in your judgement of yourself and others.

Powered By Shirlaws is designed specifically for:

  • Independent and successful people working in professional services who have an investment mindset in relation to growing their practice.

  • People who want to join a community of like-minded professionals, all sharing a passion for excellence.

  • Individuals who feel that they are currently at or nearing a key inflexion point in their business journey.

  • People who are looking ahead to accelerate their income growth, rather than growing at the current rate.

  • People who are both commercially driven and desire cultural balance in their work.

  • Individuals who are ready for change and driving real depth, rather than just talking the talk.

“Shirlaws has had an incredibly positive impact on my life, both commercially and culturally, by being part of the network”

Andy Hurst, Licencee, UK

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