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It is also a keystone in the Shirlaws methodology, in fact it’s relevant in every one of our frameworks. Understanding where you, your teams and the company are on your business journey creates options for accelerated growth by overcoming issues blocking the way.

So, what does happiness in the workplace mean in real terms and how can it accelerate your company’s growth?

It’s cultural. Empowering your teams to be able to make independent decisions without fear of failure, fostering an environment where respect is given to each individual regardless of job role or seniority and ensuring they have the skills and tools to do their job well will encourage innovation, job satisfaction and ultimately happiness.

A happy team is a more productive team, and the only way to achieve this is through the embodiment of company values that all can get behind.

But can my customers tell if my employees are happy?

When people are happy in their work it shows in all sorts of ways, and vice versa. Given the changes due to Covid-19, the adage of ‘smile and dial’ has come into its own; sounding happy can change the entire course of a conversation. The smile is a by-product of the empowerment discussed earlier, a combination that can lead to a conversational U-turn and turn a soon to be ex-customer into a brand advocate and the reason why many successful companies regard their employees as their first customer.

How do I know if my team are genuinely happy?

If you aren’t sure, then they probably aren’t. However, there are three traits that can indicate where your team currently sit on the happiness scale:

  1. Does everyone pull in the same direction?
    Or is a team meeting often an opportunity for the venting of issues?

  • Are your company values clear?
    Do your senior teams live and breathe them, and do they cascade throughout the company?

  • Are your teams adaptable?
    Or is there negativity and resistance to changing the status quo?

Creating a supportive, energetic and happy environment isn’t a quick fix, but we do have the tools to help you make it happen. Get in touch to find out about our world-class IP and how it has transformed over 7,000 companies via Powered by Shirlaws.